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Religious Education Information

Catechesis aims to bring about in the believer an ever more mature faith in Jesus Christ, a deeper knowledge and love of his person and message, and a firm commitment to follow him.” (National Directory for Catechesis Ch. 2,19a)

General Policies

All families wishing to enroll their children in Faith Formation Classes must be registered and contributing members of the Parish by using the parish envelope system. New Families coming from another parish, city or state will be admitted into the program if a letter from the director of that program can be provided to show that they were already attending classes there.


Class Times:

1st year and regular classes:

Session 1: 8:45am – 10:15am

Session 2: 10:45am – 12:15pm


2nd year classes: (Preparation for a Sacrament) 

Responsibilities of the Parents:

Parents are the most influential agents of catechesis for their children. They have a unique responsibility for the education of their children; they are the first educators, or catechists.”  (National Directory for Catechesis Ch.8, 54c.)


For more information about Faith Formation classes, call our office at 214-321-0454 x 122.


Visit the Diocese of Dallas website and click Educational Services for links to Study and Prayer Resources.

Continued Faith Formation


It is important to understand the importance of the child continuing in Faith Formation classes after he/she has received a sacrament. Every year the child will learn more and more about the Catholic faith and beliefs. There are also many opportunities that youth can be involved in after he/she has received Confirmation. The Youth Ministry page will have more information.


According to the National Directory for Catechesis, “Catechesis for those who have received the sacraments of initiation goes beyond that which was provided by initiatory catechesis. It serves the continuing conversion and ongoing formation of those who have been initiated into the faith. Ongoing catechesis fosters the growth of a more mature faith in the members of the community.” (no. 19E)