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Safe Environment

St. Bernard of Clairvaux Catholic Church follows the Diocese of Dallas Safe Environment Program.  The program is designed to help and protect the youth, elderly, and vulnerable adults of our parish as they participate in activities within our community. 


God entrust us with the spiritual, emotional, and physical welll being of minors and vulnerable adults.  As they participate in activities within or sponsored by our Diocese, it is our responsibility to provide an environment that is safe and nurturing.




The Safe Environment program has been adopted to:

  1. Provide a safe and secure environment for the minors and vulnerable adults in our faith community.
  1. Reduce the possibility of false accusations against clergy, employees, and volunteers. 
  2. Provide a structure for evaluating a person's suitability to work with minors or vulnerable adults.
  1. Provide a system to respond to the victim and his/her family as well as the accused.




All new volunteers must follow the steps to be able to volunteer:   

  1.      You must complete the Safe Environment Screening Form in person or online at This form requires three (3) reference. The references must include complete address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.  The references you provide should not be family members.
  2.      Watch the introductory video for Safe Environment “Family of Faith” or “Recognizing-Responding-Reporting Abuse”.  This can be done online or when a class is offered at our parish. It is recommended that you complete the screening form before attending the training session. PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILDREN DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE SUBJECT MATTER. 
  3.      Your picture will be taken for your ID badge at the training session.  You will receive your ID badge after all necessary paperwork has been completed and you have been clear of your background check. The Safety Officer will notify you when you can pick up your ID badge. Once you receive your ID badge you are required to wear it at all times when you are volunteering at an activity.  The initial ID badge will be at no cost to you but if you lose your ID badge, there will be a $5.00 charge to replace it. 


After completing the training session a clearing agency chosen by the Diocese will conduct a criminal background check.  The clearing agency will return the information to the Safe Environment Officer and it is kept strictly confidential. 




All cleared volunteers must complete an annual update session.  This can be done:

  1.      Online at
  •      Enter your name and address (number and street name only) and click search to continue
  •      Update your contact information and click “Update and Continue” at the bottom
  •      Select a video to watch. Make sure to watch it in it’s entirety. There are questions that follow.
  •      Call the office to set an appointment and get an updated badge printed



Please contact Mayra Martinez at if you have any questions.